TYPHOON is the most technically advanced vehicle cleaner on the market! Typhoon will easily cut through road film/dirt/grime leaving a non-streak finish while leaving a protective layer on all surfaces which makes future cleaning much faster and easier.

Typhoon Car Shampoo. A unique complex blend of polymers and surfactants that cuts through muck and grime easily and quickly. It is designed to leave a Nano-Tech Polymer coating on all surfaces which resists wash-off and repels dirt and muck so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer and makes subsequent cleaning easier and faster!
This means that bikes can be rinsed between washes to keep your car looking its very best and ultimately reduce scratches. Typhoon improves performance with each application. Typhoon is very economical, high foaming for longer contact time and Ph neutral for use on all paintwork, alloys, chrome-work etc.

Ph neutral so you can be sure that Typhoon will not harm any material/finish.

Nano-Shield technology means future washing and maintenance becomes much faster with less chance of scratching as muck and dirt does not adhere to the paint surface.

Super-economical with dilution rates of 160:1

500ml bottle will last for ages.

After shampooing/washing when you rinse with clean water you will notice that the water instantly beads into small droplets and will run off even flat surfaces! This shows that the Nano-Shield coating has been applied

Technology that works!

FORCE 10 WHEEL CLEANER – Iron Fallout Remover 500ml

Force 10 Wheel/Iron Fallout Cleaner is an acid-free non-corrosive colour changing wheel cleaner. Force 10 chemically converts rust, iron and bound on brake dust into a soluble compound which can be rinsed off. Balanced viscosity gives optimum contact time and best cleaning performance. Solvents and super-wetting properties ensure effective penetration for maximum results.

Unlike most competitors Force 10 has a lovely cherry fragrance. Many others have a very sulphurous odour.

Faster working and nicer to use than many products in the marketplace.