• AEROGLIDE ULTRA SUPER POLISH WITH ACTIVE SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Amazing new polish that produces a super high gloss polymer shell with the minimum of effort! No need to use one cloth to apply and another to buff, simply spray and buff! Aeroglide can be used on paintwork, glass, plastics etc without any problems. Will not whiten black plastics or trim,gives black plastic a lovely satin finish. Leaves glass crystal clear! Aeroglide Super Polish with Active Surface Technology.  This is another unique product that can be used for all polishing/detailing on any surface/material and one we are very proud of! Aeroglide can be used on any material/surface and does not need buffed but merely wiped. Mild solvents remove light dirt and finger marks while the patented polymer (AST) bonds to the surface. This will not whiten any material even black rubber/plastic. Aeroglide has Active Surface Technology which means that it can be applied to any type of paintwork (even matt), glass, plastic, rubber etc and will give a fantastic long lasting finish on any of these. Aeroglide also has Clear View Technology which means this product when applied to plastic (ie windshield) will act as a rain repellent to allow better visibility and safer driving. This also means better rain repellency when applied to paintwork. Aeroglide performs brilliantly on all interior plastics/trim as well negating the need for interior specific products. Aeroglide also leaves a long lasting fresh clean fragrance!
  • AQUAFOAM 5lt This is our brand new high foaming car cleaner. Aquafoam is not your ordinary foaming cleaner, many of which simply foam and do nothing else! Aquafoam uses unique Amphoteric Surfactants for un-rivalled cleaning performance. This gives stable foam technology for longer dwell/cleaning time which means that Aquafoam can loosen/remove even heavy contamination. Fast and easy rinse for quick use. pH neutral for safe use on all paintwork. Aquafoam reduces the chances of scratching valuable paintwork  
  • AMMO TYPHOON WASH AND SHIELD 1lt BOTTLE. A unique complex blend of polymers and surfactants that cuts through muck and grime easily and quickly. It is designed to leave a Nano-Tech Polymer coating on all surfaces which resists wash-off and repels dirt and muck so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer and makes subsequent cleaning easier and faster! This means that cars can be rinsed between washes to keep your car looking its very best and ultimately reduce scratches. Typhoon improves performance with each application. Typhoon is very economical, high foaming for longer contact time and Ph neutral for use on all paintwork, alloys, chrome-work etc. TYPHOON is the most technically advanced vehicle cleaner on the market! Ph neutral so you can be sure that Typhoon will not harm any material/finish. Nano-Shield technology means future washing and maintenance becomes much faster with less chance of scratching as muck and dirt does not adhere to the paint surface. Super-economical with dilution rates of 160:1 HUGE 1lt or 500ml bottle will last for ages. After shampooing/washing when you rinse with clean water you will notice that the water instantly beads into small droplets and will run off even flat surfaces! This shows that the Nano-Shield coating has been applied Technology that works!
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    AMMOPROCAR Ultimate Care Kit with FREE Tote Bag Includes: Typhoon Gel Wash and Shield Car Shampoo 500ml Force 10 Alloy Wheel Cleaner/Iron Fallout Remover 500ml Aeroglide Ultra Super Polish 500ml Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 500ml Four High Quality Microfibre Cloths Wheel Cleaning Brush Leather Cleaning Pad Sponge FREE Tote Bag